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Co-founded the management company and the IPO on AIM in London for the funds under management with a private equity fund devoted to investing in Vietnam.

VietNam Holding Ltd. (VNH) is an investment company dedicated to sustainable investments in Vietnamese equities. Its shares are listed on London's AIM Market and Frankfurt's Entry Standard.

Founded in June of 2006, the majority of VNH shares are held by Swiss banks, with a large following also by U.K. institutions as well as German retail investors. VietNam Holding's objective is to generate high risk-adjusted returns by combining rigorous financial analysis with interactive sustainability research. VNH is a value investor, incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in its investment analysis and decision-making processes. Its investment portfolio adheres to the general principle of diversification. At the same time, the portfolio reflects a disciplined asset allocation approach. The domestic consumption and the agricultural investment theme each represented slightly less than 1/3 of the total portfolio. The Fund continues to seek sector and industry allocations that stand to benefit from these and other macroeconomic trends. Over the last years VNH has outperformed the benchmark Vietnam Index as well as other comparable Vietnam country funds and index trackers by a commendable margin.

  • Vietnam Holding Limited
  • 2006
  • Switzerland, Sustainable Investments in Vietnamese Equities